Mandela Day - Your activism is a lifelong commitment

Suresh Naidoo
Chief Executive Officer
April 17, 2023
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Our beloved nation will forever celebrate Mandela's 67 years of dedication to South African politics. Through prison, war, and systemic discrimination - Tata Nelson's hard work toward our democracy has inspired generations of tireless commitment to building a better SA.

Nelson and wife, Winnie Mandela, photographed after the president's release after 27 years in prison (Source:AP)

But as the years go on, it's left us wondering if a simple day dedicated to activism yields any actual change?

In November 2009, the United Nations declared that the 18th of July, the birthday of our honoured leader, commemorates Mandela's lifetime of activism.

There's no doubt that commemoration adds value. Special days often bring out the best in us, reminding us to work for the better good. Genuine, whole-hearted efforts can be inspired by a simple day to remember.

Many entities scramble, wondering: "how can we keep up appearances? How can we ensure people know and see that we are going something?"

Days like these often have marketing teams faced with challenges: "How are we going to celebrate this day? Blood drive? Bake sale? tin cans? requesting donations from clients?"

In all honesty, it feels like the true spirit of community is ignored. It becomes a matter of doing something or making a change to make sure no one can say otherwise - frankly, an empty and shallow approach to meaningful change.

It also becomes a matter of who wore it better - who's contribution was bigger? who did the most to grab our attention? have you ensured that we have something to keep with our competition?"

And it's no secret that charity and the system of giving back have given rise to financially-powerful individuals who exploit these avenues.

We need to cut the chase: the current rate of change barely makes a dent. Our services and acts of kindness often don't look holistically answer the question - "what will spur change?"

Accensis doesn't believe in the frills and fancy of helping those in need - doing something 'cute' or 'sweet' to make a change.

As a firm that offers highly-specialised financial services, we want to ensure that through our skills and expertise, we can transform the world around us - one financial statement at a time.

Here are a few NGOs/NPOs who work with us daily. Have a look at how you can contribute to these dedicated institutions:

Child Welfare Durban & District -

The Bat Centre -

The Sirpat Lions -

Hayfields Hindu Organisation -

Clairwood Shree Siva Soobramanair Temple -

Denis Hurley Centre -

The Islamic Dawah College -