Accensis offers a complete spectrum of statutory audit services for all entities as required by legislation, or for a special purpose as clients require from time to time. We also provide an internal audit service out-sourced or co-sourced.

We have extensive experience across a number of industries. We take time out to understand our clients and the risks that affect their businesses. We tailor our audit with the risks forming a key part of our planning. We provide a personalised service with regular interaction of our team with the client’s team.

Audit Readiness

Allied to our comprehensive audit services is the audit readiness service. We assist our clients with getting the financial statements and allied documentation ready for the audit process.

Audit Readiness entails the following:

  • Journal entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Tax computation
  • Compilation of financial statements

This service is provided to both the private and public sectors.

Accensis is  a member of Prime Global, the 3rd largest association of independent accounting firms in the world.