So, who are we?

2 directors, 6 managers,
over 35 staff

Getting to know us is like a first date - you're nervous at first

But once we click, we you know you've made the right choice.

We are a community of diverse, insightful individuals coming together. Trust us with your matters - we deliver, we laugh, we cry, and we share our opinions - real people with genuine perspectives.

Excelling means seeing the humanity in it all, we get that.

Suresh Naidoo
Chief Executive Officer

031 566 5585

Muhammad Umar Karim

031 566 5585

Silindile Phakathi
Tax Manager

Nontando Zondo
Tax Manager

Amishka Hansjee
Fiduciary Manager

Deepika Naidoo
Marketing Manager

Nompilo Hadebe
BPO - Accounting Manager

Shayur Mohun
Audit Manager