In 2022, Accensis embarked on a journey of collaboration efforts with like-minded accounting, tax and audit practitioners worldwide.

Accensis provides outsourced audit resources to international clients. We have successfully partnered with audit firms that require our resources in their busy periods.

Where we differentiate ourselves from companies providing similar off-shoring services is that we provide project management of our outsourced professionals to ensure that quality to our overseas clients is not compromised.

Collaborate with us, it's kind of our "thing".

Tax Compliance

Our tax compliance business unit takes care of our client's needs, ensuring that both foreign and local businesses meet all the compliance needs of SARS (South African Revenue Services). This includes both business taxes and individual taxes. We also offer assistance with tax disputes and managing the tax process on behalf of our clients for optimal results.

We also assist with registration for the various taxes such as personal tax, business tax, indirect tax and employer’s tax.

Tax Consulting

We provide opinions on areas of tax where our clients need solutions. This includes foreign companies entering the South African market and assisting local companies in their growth and financial paths.

Our advice will include both direct and indirect taxes and any other tax duty that may apply in the circumstances.

Company Restructuring

We evaluate and analyse companies and group structures. From there, we can advise on the optimal restructuring to provide tax efficiency to our clients.

Most often the company or group restructure will lead to amendments to the Will and Estate plan.

Estate Planning

We can create and provide estate plans for business owners to assist with succession organisation, protect assets, and minimise your estate duty.

A well-considered and structured estate plan will not only provide the beneficiaries with an improved inheritance but will also provide the legator with comfort that his assets are well taken care off.