A balancing act - the art of relaxing while working hard

Yatish Hiralal
First-Year Audit Trainee
April 17, 2023
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A balancing act - the art of relaxing while working hard

Life can sometimes revolve around earning at work and focusing on your studies.

At some point, you will crash like bitcoin in 2018.

People say being an auditor means you have no life because you toil away and burn the midnight oil, even on weekends. I am a first-year audit trainee, and I've been accepted to do my CTA next year.

In reality, we often choose not to take time for ourselves, resulting in burnout. Being the libra that I am, I will give you tips on creating equilibrium in all areas of life, even though it may feel like I only have time for work and studies.

It's all about working hard and relaxing even harder (Photo: Elena Mozhivilo)

Take breaks

Even a few-minute "micro-break" can improve your concentration, reduce stress and make your work more enjoyable.

Make use of your lunch break.

I talk a walk out of the office every day during my 30-minute lunch break. This is best done with a colleague - both of you can vent about your stresses at work and find a solution to reduce your stress.

Overworking is counterproductive

Make time for your studies at least an hour a day, and make time for family on the weekend.

Studying without taking a break can affect your levels of productivity.

Eventually, you won't remember anything—no absorbing the coursework at this rate.

Most importantly, make time for yourself.

Pushing yourself up on your to-do list means less stress, better health and overall quality of life. There will always be a benefit to putting no. 1 first.

Prioritise your health by taking a few minutes to sit back and meditate.

Here are some ways you can achieve your zen by

Time to relax and de-stress can improve your overall mood, brain function, and memory.

The only person standing in the way of you is YOU.

So be the kings and queens of your compromise, and take a step back and relax.

Relaxation will allow your mind and body to repair themselves and, in return, will bring less stress, happiness, and peace into your life.