6 meaningful ways exercise helps me cope

Noxolo Ndebele
2nd Year Audit Trainee
April 17, 2023
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6 meaningful ways exercise helps me cope

The audit environment is very stressful. It's deadline after deadline after deadline. Often, I find myself complaining and, quite frankly, grumpy. I noticed this and decided to change how I lived so I could conquer this environment. One of the things I do is exercise. Multiple studies throughout history have drawn a strong connection between exercise and improved productivity. 

But as you may know, it takes work to get to it.

I am frequently asked where I find the time to work out. My answer has been, "I make the time."

Young professionals will reap the rewards of investing in exercise, says Noxolo (Photo: Alora Griffiths)

Because my well-being is essential.

 My mom always says, "Take care of your body because without it, you will not enjoy your success." From my mother's statement, I draw the inspiration to be mindful of my health while striving for my career goals.

In this article, I will share some benefits I have reaped from exercising.

Here are the six meaningful ways exercise has impacted my life:

1. Increases concentration – I find that if I exercise in the morning, I will have better concentration throughout the day. I pay better attention to details than when I did not. Focus is quite essential when you are at work. Blocking out distractions is a challenge, but through exercise, it comes naturally.

2. Improves mood – I don't think one can exercise and simultaneously be in a lousy mood! I find that when I sweat out, I become more tolerant. I am happier about life and make better decisions.

3. Energising – This may sound strange, but I am tired before I exercise, and afterwards, I feel much more energised. I generate inner encouragement and self-motivation from it! I often feel like I run the world!

4. Better skin – I usually struggle with my skin, which is in my genes. Exercise has helped me get better at managing eczema. The more I exercise, the better my skin looks.

5. Organises - Every time I exercise, I need to plan my day to find the time to work out. My brain gets channelled in a specific direction. I would have strategies to do other things better in less time from the workout session.

6. Better sleep – I noticed that it's not about quantity but sleep quality. The time I sleep when I have been active can be 1 hour, but it feels like 3-4 hours! I rest better, and my brain works from a place of less stress and more peace.

Here are some ideas I have implemented in my own life:

a) Walking with my husband by the beach

b) Road running before work

c) Watching YouTube videos in the comfort of my home and exercising along! My favourite at the moment!

From my personal experience as a busy trainee, being active plays a role in how you get by your day. Try it out, and let me know!