Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enables your organisation to evaluate “housekeeping issues”.

Businesses need to determine which systems and processes should be managed internally and which should be outsourced. Outsourcing enables businesses to focus on their core function.  

Adding value to the business and shareholders is critical in order to ensure long term success of many global corporations. Accensis comprehensive Finance and Accounting solutions (OR source to pay, order to cash and record to report) spans transaction processing, regulatory management and reporting, both in its entirety and as individual processes in their own right. International standards and practices are central to Accensis Services. This combined with our methods and practices delivers best in class services.

In addition, Accensis also specializes in outsourced accounting work for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s). Our CEO, Mr. Suresh Naidoo, was an Accredited USAID Auditor where he served as the Audit Partner for several organisations funded by USAID such as ACCORD, SABCAP, Umtapo Centre and Zamani Primary Education. Our company’s newest Director, Mr. Reveshen Govender,and the Senior Audit Manager, Mr. Umar Karim, regularly attend USAID trainingcourses to ensure that Accensis keeps abreast of USAID requirements.

Finance & Accounting

Accensis offers the following outsourced finance and accounting services:

  • Accounting system Set-up
  • Account write up / Bookkeeping
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Expense Management
  • Cash Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Bank Operation Authority
  • Account Reconciliation and Analysis
  • Month-end Close
  • Management Reports
  • Regulatory Management
  • Financial Reporting and Consolidation
  • Policies and Procedures

Tax Services

Accensis provides a comprehensive, practical approach to tax matters for the business environment and individuals as well. Tax challenges not only affects the business enterprise, but the shareholders and directors as well.

We provide a host of services which include the following: 

Personal tax

  • Tax planning
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Clearance

Business tax

  • Tax planning
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Clearance

Indirect tax

  • VAT (compliance, consulting and contingent reviews)
  • CustomsCode application

Employees' tax

  • Registration
  • Returns

SARS supplementary declaration and audit assistance

Company Secretarial

Accensis provides a full company secretarial service to Companies, we ensure that all legal requirements are adhered such as the Companies Act. We aim to exceed expectations by delivering a focused and efficient service.

  • Registration of companies
  • Conversion of close corporations to companies
  • Registration of NPO’s with the Department of Social Development
  • Appointment of auditors and accounting officers
  • Appointment and resignation of directors
  • Transfer of shares in companies
  • Allotment of additional shares
  • Transfer of member’s interest in close corporations
  • Change in year end of a Company or Close Corporation
  • Special resolutions
  • Administration and submission of Annual CIPRO returns
  • Scheduling of board meetings and preparation of board packs
  • Companystatutory maintenance
  • Registration of Co-operatives
  • Co-operative maintenance

Accensis is  a member of Prime Global, the 3rd largest association of independent accounting firms in the world.