Focus on your Strategic Objectives whilst improving your business operations and processes. Global factors impact on organisations on a daily basis.  It is essential how these organisations equip themselves to deal with such matters. Adapting to these changes enable organisations to have an advantage over their competitors enabling them the opportunity to become industry leaders in the market. Our business consulting capabilities assist companies review and improve efficiencies, manage initiatives and achieve business outcomes. Our vast range of solutions is tailored to support the needs of organisations. We assist with the growth strategies and review the risk associated with growth paths and plans.   We assist with the review of the core business functions which helps you increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation.


Performance reporting and the audit of performance information have been in a state of evolution both internationally and locally over the last decade or so. Jurisdictions throughout the world have been moving steadily forward to improve public performance reporting.

An important element of the evolution on public performance reporting is the role of the audit function.The audit of performance information is not a new subject in South Africa. The long term strategy adopted for the audit of performance information adopts a phased in approach commencing with an understanding of the entity (and related internal controls); evaluation of existing reporting, presentation, accuracy and consistency.

The next phase focuses on performing tests of controls followed by audit procedures to ensure limited level of assurance. The final phase includes obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence as part of the systematic process that includes substantive procedures and testing the operating effectiveness of controls.

Public Sector

Service delivery and accountability to the public is essential for all public sector organisations.It is essential to ensure that public funds are utilised for their intended purposes thus serving the needs of their citizens.

Our professionals brings a great depth of experience and understanding under which the public sector functions.

We provide the following services to our public sector clients:

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Review of Annual Financial Statements
  • Audit Readiness
  • Review and assistance with Auditor General audit queries
  • Performance Management
  • Financial and Administration Support -
  • Forensics
  • Project and Programme Management

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